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These are handy to have when you’re taking the kids out for dinner.  They help to keep them busy while waiting for their food.  They’re pretty easy to make.
Supplies needed - drapery black out also known as roc-lon sold at most fabric stores,  chalkboard paint (I buy mine in a can from the paint dept at Home Depot),  a roll of 1″ painters tape, a straight edge ruler, a paint brush,  fine sandpaper and a piece of ribbon

Step 1:

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with a straight edge ruler measure, mark and cut an 18″ x 12″ size placemat, tape the edges with painters tape
wesseldyk19 months ago
My name is lauren
danlynne073 years ago
this is cool. chalkboard stuff is becoming so popular.thanks for sharing.
My Craft Cave (author)  danlynne073 years ago
yes it is & you're welcome :)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Awesome! I am working on a set of similar ones now, using chalkboard fabric!
My Craft Cave (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
o' i didn't know there was such a thing. i'm guessing the roc-lon is probably cheaper.