Picture of Champagne Cork Mario
Super Mario! This Corky has been on my to do list for ages, and now I finally got around to making it. 

To find out what a Corky is, see my other Instructable, where I describe everything in depth. 

Anyways, here's how to make mini Mario out of a champagne cork.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
The things you need for this are fairly simple. You'll obviously need a champagne cork (chose one that's not too wide, and has a destinct "head"). 
Other things you will need:
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • UHU all-purpose glue
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Blue and red felt-tip pens
  • Black and brown permanent marker
  • Scraps of blue and red fabric
  • Cotton wool, or other stuffing material
  • Piece of cork
  • Black and yellow foam rubber

Step 2: Face

Picture of Face
As I did in with my previous Corkies, Gandalf and Santa, I made a nose out of a small piece of cork, because I can't imagine what a moustache would look like without a nose. And a flat faced Mario probably wouldn't work.

Cut out a small round nose with a craft knife. Keep one side flat so you can glue it on.

To make the trademark Mario-stache, cut it out of some black foam. Leave a gap at the top for the nose.

Use white acrylic paint or white-out for the whites of the eyes. Then, fill in the pupils with a black permanent marker and outline them with a light blue felt-tip pen.

Cut out some foam eyebrows, and glue everything onto the face with UHU glue.

Use a brown permanent marker to add hair and a black permanent marker to add ears. I forgot to do this in the beginning, but try to do it before the clothes.

Step 3: Clothes

Picture of Clothes
The clothes are the easiest part. Cut out a strip of red fabric for the shirt, wide and long enough to fit around the cork.
Cut out blue, thinner strip for the overalls. Leave a section in the middle slightly wider.
Cut out small trips of blue fabric for the overall straps, 
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A mi hijo Rodrigo le gusto mucho
sjroth (author)  Dardaro2 years ago
I don't speak Spanish, but...thank you?
I believe Dardaro said, "My son Rodrigo likes it/this very much!"
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Oh, ok. Dardaro, I'm glad he does.
S. Roth2 years ago
Just awesome!
So good!
You are the cork master! Are you going to do a whole line of Video Game Corks? If so, I vote Link next!
sjroth (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Haha great idea! I'll think about that.
sunshiine2 years ago
This is so clever!