Picture of Champagne USB key
This instructable will show you how to re-use an old cork and a USB to create an awesome looking flash drive.
I have entered this in the Green science fair contest because it is re-using two old objects to make a modern chic piece of hardware.
2nd Instructable

Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
For this Instructable you need:
A Cork - one made of real cork not plastic, i chose a champagne cork as it was
the largest one and able to hold my USB
A USB - doesn't matter what capacity, try to get the smallest one size wise as it
needs to fit in the cork.
A Knife - Anything sharp with a smallish blade will do nicely, i have chosen an
Exacto knife.
Tape - I have used white electrical tape.
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Saitu1 year ago

You don't experience any heating problems? Cool. Imma give this a try, then!

Make the cork easier to cut by pouring boiling water over it before starting your project.
PSPerson5 years ago
Reminds me of this.....
i want that
yskroc3 years ago
Don't think this is "cool", as the USB will get hot and no no space to dissipate the heat !!!! lol.....
Gage9875 years ago
you could pop the cork into a bottle and hide the drive.
I understand that the reason wine bottles are now corked with that plastic stuff is because real cork has been violently over-harvested over the years and the quality has deteriorated quite a bit. That's why if you don't have a good bottle opener, the cork might break and fall into the bottle. Kind of sad.
sharlston6 years ago
put a weight in the bottom of the cork so the top usb floats in water then it wont get wet
raykholo6 years ago
kind of looks like ur computer is drinking KIND OF
Pags6 years ago
This is a great design because it covers 2 other usb slots besides the one it's using.
luke Pags6 years ago
umm ... thats a firewire port and a usb... but its still cool !
=SMART= (author)  Pags6 years ago
Hell yea !
whitish7 years ago
i had this idea! i guess i waited too long. (curse me and my lack of corked bottle beverages drinking)
KenGriffin7 years ago
Awesome! I think I will do this but with a fairly large cork so I can have a cap to it as well. - Ken
puffyfluff7 years ago
I've never heard of this before. It's really neat. I'm glad I've got many many usb drives to do this too-there are so many instructables! This is one of the best though!!
=SMART= (author)  puffyfluff7 years ago
Thanks !!
go alcohol
=SMART= (author)  AnarchistAsian7 years ago
Labot20017 years ago
Unique idea! I might do this... I'm looking for a cool mod for my thumb drive that's lost its shell. 3.5/5 Stars!
Once I get my hands on a champagne cork big enough, I'm gonna make this. What about a cork lid as well? :D
=SMART= (author)  DuctTapeRules!7 years ago
Cool, i was going to make a lid but i diddnt have another cork :P
fedelosa7 years ago
Haha! That's a cool mod!!!
I used a lego brick Thanks
maccrew7 years ago
A little large, but still cool.
Keith-Kid7 years ago
cool idea! +1!
realy nice job! one thing is that you may want to make a cap for it out of another cork, just to keep it a bit safer and stop stuff messing round with the actual connection
=SMART= (author)  drummonkey927 years ago
thanks, good idea i think ill do that :D
=SMART= (author) 7 years ago


This is neat but if it's used for heavy writing won't it overheat and maybe set the cork alight?
=SMART= (author)  thefunktopus7 years ago
yea it gets quite hot after 10-15 mins plugged in
FireSnake7 years ago
I love this idea! what makes it great is THAT it's big, (Thumb Drives like to get lost) AND that it floats! If i might offer you some fabrication advise and you'd like to hear it, PM me. I hope you receive recognition in the Green science fair!
Try using a drill next time. It would be safer and easier. Also, it is "severing" not "decapitation". Decapitation refers to the head, not digits.
=SMART= (author)  ColbyCirca897 years ago
ok lol i changed it
=SMART= (author) 7 years ago


neat idea....
=SMART= (author) 7 years ago
UPDATE- i took it to school today and everyone thought it was great!, one person even offered to buy it off me !
I gotta admit, this is really awesome. I never knew an X-acto knife could do this. But this is pretty awesome, I might do this. +1 rating. +1 vote.
=SMART= (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks Man!!!
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Nice! A little big, but good idea.
=SMART= (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
yep its quite big! lol thanks
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