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If you don't like your Arduino font color, change it.

I tried this in 0022 instead of 1.01 in case i had some problem.

What to do: File path is, Arduino - lib - theme.  Open the theme doc and scroll down to and locate # TEXT - KEYWORDS.
The standard color is cc6600. Change all three of these to
#ff0000,plain             (Red=Refference only do not add to the code)
#00ff00,plain             (LIME=Refference only do not add to the code)
#0000ff,bold             ( BLUE=Refference only do not add to the code)

save it. Run the 0022 IDE and see what colors you get.

Here is the link to a HEX color chart. You can choose colors from there.

If you get some great colors or even some crazy colors, post them so we can see what you came up with. 

Step 1: Subtle Colors

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 Kind of  pastel colors

Step 2: Original Colors

Picture of Original Colors

Standard unchanged color.


bertus45 (author)2015-07-29


How can i changed de error field color,it is now red, i want it white


ybaggi (author)2014-10-25

How the heck do I change the font size?


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