Change Pencil in to Miniature Sculpture :D





Introduction: Change Pencil in to Miniature Sculpture :D

About: Hi I'm KAFAROS :D

Do you like miniature things?

Do you want to make own exceptional thing from pencil?

This is instruction for you :)


You need:

-File (tool),


-Small sharp knife,

-Time ;)

-and of course pencil/s


You don't need:

-special skills ;)

Step 1: Finding a Inspiration.

...inspiration is not hard to find,because everything can be made (little homes,animals,vehicles...and more other things ;) )

In this instruction i used picture of "1 World Trade Center"/NYC

...If you found inspiration--->check next step :D

Step 2: Which Pencil Should You Use?

>You can use every pencil, but for your first miniature sculpture I propose to use bigger pencil (I used pencil with one centimeter of diameter),or if you want try smaller pencil,the same steps -but harder.

Step 3: (Optional)

>If your pencil have something what looks like cover - remove it

Step 4: Preparing a Pencil.

>carefullyscrape wood along the length of a few centimeters.

>If your pencil will break-don't worry is your first time-try again :)

>If your pencil looks like the pencil on third picture you can go to next step--->

Step 5: (optional)

>You can level the surface using File (tool).

Step 6: Try to Draw Your Thing on Pencil.

>Using a needle,try to draw your thing on pencil.

Step 7: Shapes of Your Sculpture

>Start slowly scrape using a needle to get shapes of your sculpture.

>If you want have flat and smooth surface,use small sharp knife (second video)

Step 8: Details

>You can make details using delicatelysmall sharp knife or needles.

Step 9: Finish :D

You finished your first miniature sculpture :D

Share yours in comments :)

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    very cool!
    Have you ever carved one of those pencils that are all graphite, no wood?

    Super cool! Have you ever tried painting on top of the lead?

    Good job!! Looking forward for more!!

    This is amazing. I read about an artist once who made fantastic pencil lead creations. I will have to find their name for you