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Introduction: Change the Window Title on Internet Explorer

This Instructable will show you how to change the window title (Title Bar) on Internet Explorer. For example, you could make it say "(Web Page)- Hello" or anything else. It worked for me on Vista and XP

P.S. Don't try anything too long. If the character count passes the limit, IE will just display "(Web Page)- Windows Internet Explorer" And No, I didn't make this up. i saw it somewhere on the web, and at the time of posting there were no other Instructables showing you how to do this.

Step 1: Open RegEdit

To open the Registry Editor (RegEdit), open the start menu, and click Run.
Then type "regedit" (No quotes), and hit OK.

Step 2: Get to the Internet Explorer Files

In RegEdit, open these folders (In order):
Internet Explorer

OK, if it looks like the last screen shot below, you're in the right spot.

Step 3: Making the New String Value

Right click anywhere and click
String Value

Name the value (without the quotes):
"Window Title"
Once you've named it that,click somewhere else, then double click on the string value you just made.
In the box that comes up, write whatever you want. This will be the new title. Remember, if you make it too long, IE will not show it.
Click OK and close ReEdit.

Step 4: Show It Off!

Have fun scaring your friends, promoting other browsers ('cuz IE sux), or in any other creative fashion. Please, comment on my instructable, tell me how to make it better.
Have Fun with this "trick"!
Hope you like it!



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duz it work in vista? i tried it but nothing

Hey, I'm new to instructables (viewer, not poster), and I was wondering if you could do something like this, but for Mozilla Firefox. I mean, yeah, this is great... but I use Firefox more than IE.

I too use firefox as my main browser; This may be possible but I sadly do not know how. Sorry, but welcome to instructables!

Well, thanks for trying, anyways. I hope somebody out there finds out how to do it.
Thanks ;

i'm pretty sure you can do it the same way..i can't check now, i'm in vista i think the point of this was to screw up the browser you don't use primarily

Well, I tried it the same way before. It didn't work, in fact, it just got me aggrivated. Well, thanks for trying to help, anyways.

The picture explains it.


vista theme for xp I believe

no that's royale noir but i think when i posted it i meant the browser title

How to on a mac