Step 1: Change Tyre Car

1-Bring the new wheel out.

Step 2: Chenge Tyre Car

2-Adjust the air pressure in the tyre.

Step 3: Change Tyre Car

3-Loosen the wheel nuts.

Step 4: Change Tyre Car

4-Put the jack under the car.

Step 5: Change Tyre Car

5-Raise the car with the jack.

Step 6: Change Tyre Car

6-Take the old wheel off.

Step 7: Change Tyre Car

7-Put the new wheel on.

Step 8: Change Tyre Car

8-Tighten the wheel nuts.

Step 9: Change Tyre Car

9-Lower the car and take the jack away.

Step 10: Change Tyre Car

10-Take the old wheel away.
<p>Now that's just _ _ _ _ _ _ . ;-) Good Luck !!!</p>
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fix spelling
<br>Yes, I know, but this is only an example
There is a different car, wheel, and jack in each picture. Hmm......

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