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U get duct tape and put four pieces out. Then four more and put them on top. Finally tape the sides and fold and done.

Step 1: Chang Wallet

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This is a change wallet that I made. You put the change In and then on the side is where you take the change out.

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Butterfly change wallet hand made.

Step 3:

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gglawson (author)2013-05-19

Looks like a diaper in picture

momoluv (author)2013-04-29

I mean you did have instructions but I meant you don't have enough. You finished the tutorial in like, three sentences. So try putting pictures up of you actually making the wallet

momoluv (author)2013-04-29

You know you have to actually give instructions, right? That's why it's called "instructables" but all I see are pictures

autumnsmelser (author)2013-04-28


Unicornz (author)2013-04-24

Great job!!!

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