Picture of Change a watch battery with no special tools
For this instructable, I inspired myself of all those watches battery changing tutorials videos because they all have a tool in comon : The screwdriver for watches. I thought that it was useless to buy that tool.

All you need is :

-a watch with a back you can unscrew ( like in the picture )

-a pair of scissors

-a wire (a pin)

-not a new battery, you don't know the battery number yet,  (they are not all the same)

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Step 1: Open the bracelet

Picture of Open the bracelet
#1 Open the bracelet

At the end of the attachment of the bracelet, there are some little holes,
you need to push on the telescopic pin that assembles the 2 parts.

Take your wire and insert it.

Step 2: Unscrew the back

Picture of Unscrew the back
2# Unscrew the back

Put your scissors ilke in the picture below. Push hard on it and turn counter clock wise.

Step 3: Take off the battery

Picture of Take off the battery
3# Take off the battery

Take your wire and slide it gently under the battery. Pop it out.

Take a look at the battery and take in note the serial number. Go buy it, put the battery with the positive side up and put everything back.

There you go.

rickharris4 years ago
Err you said no tools - Scissors, wire for a pin??
WYN soldier (author)  rickharris4 years ago
oh is that how we call a pin : a wire ?
hecks yea nice...simple. one thing though...u forgot to mention normally theres symbols telling u which way to push the pin through. do it the wrong way and u make em useless
WYN soldier (author)  HeWantsRevenge4 years ago
ok thanks for the tip!
Must have thought of this !! argh lol