Picture of Change the Firefox search bar to Google
Ok, most of us have had the problem that in Firefox the big bar that normally displays the URL but if you type into it is a yahoo search bar. Yahoo. Ya-Freaking-Hoo. I always use Google. I hated when I had to use that bar. Now I found a way to change it....
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Step 1: About:config

Picture of about:config
go to about:config

Editing stuff here can be dangerous. I accecpt no responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

Step 2: After pressing enter you will come to the about:config page

Picture of After pressing enter you will come to the about:config page
After pressing enter you will come to the about:config page. Mine is probably different to yours.

Step 3: Filter

Picture of Filter
Type in keyword into the filter box and two results should show up.

Step 4: Change it to google

Picture of Change it to google
Change the first value from yahoo to You probably could use other search engines too.

Step 5: Use it

Picture of Use it
Your firefox searcch bar now uses Google.
Timmah1 year ago
it worked perfectly!
16skittles2 years ago
Thanks a lot! I got my search bar changed by some adware, and was wondering how to fix it. For something like this though, why on earth would there not be a place in the settings menu for it?
hammerhead5 years ago
I've never had a problem with behavior like this, not with Firefox anyway. Perhaps you've installed some Yahoo search thingie and it high-jacked Firefox. Happened to my moms computer after she installed AVG anti virus on it. Anyway, this is good to know just in case.
munchman5 years ago
Strange.... It's always defaulted to google for me...
markreidyhp (author)  munchman5 years ago
Well, I've always found that it goes to yahoo.
Wierd.... nice to know how it can be changed