Change the Sound in MuseScore 2




Introduction: Change the Sound in MuseScore 2

How to change the sound in MuseScore 2.

Step 1: Change the Sound

Go to the folder in which you installed MuseScore, which will likely be %ProgramFiles(x86)%\MuseScore 2.

Then download your other sound, either by downloading MuseScore 1's old sound or getting something different.

Drag your new sound into the MuseScore 2\sound folder, and close everything. Open MuseScore 2.

Click on View > Synthesizer. Click "Add" located in the botttom right corner of the soundfont viewer.

Select your new sound and click the confirmation button.

Select your sound and click "Set as Default".




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Hi, I'm one of the developer of MuseScore. It's a free and open source music notation software.

This is not a good way to change the soundfont. Don't modify your MuseScore installation. On Windows, if you cant to add a soundfont to MuseScore, just double click it and MuseScore will install it for you at the right place. Then go to View > Synthesizer and View > Mixer to set the sound.


Sorry. I have changed the sound this way- and it's worked. But I have other programs using SoundFonts too, would that affect it?


This is for a song at
because I wrote it in the new, much worse song. It is a song-writing and arranging program. Go to or .com for more info.