Change the Look and Feel of the Xbox 360 Controllers





Introduction: Change the Look and Feel of the Xbox 360 Controllers

Hi there! A simple and very affordable way to change the feel of the analog sticks on the xbox 360 controllers!

Step 1: Parts Needed

This is very very simple:

1) An xbox 360 controller
2) And old pair of headphones, I used the hands free that come bundled with and old nokia phone

Step 2: Put the Sponges Over the Analog Sticks

Take the sponges and carefully cover the top of the sticks with them, they fits really well around those sticks =)

Repeat the step for the other stick

Step 3: Done!

You have the controllers with a softer feeling, but with the same grip!

Thanks and take care!!!

My blog if you want to see extra pics:



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    Now if only there was a way to keep your hands from sweating on a hot day while playing xbox

    Just buy a cheap aircon unit, and sit it in your window, no need to have it instaled, just make sure it won't fall out.

    I said hands not the whole body

    didnt they have a controller for a normal 360 that had fans in the hand gripping parts... idk if they worked or not... but they could help...

    but it is for the xbox360

    yes they do. i actually plan on buying one.

    Why microsoft, Why could you drop this awsome idea.

    They didn't, a independant company sells them.

    it wasnt microsoft it was someone else... i think it was someone like madcatz... i did a quick google search and it came up with the nyko airflow... if you really had an urge for it you could get one from the original xbox and modify it to work with the new ones...


    i know they had those for ps2 but im not sure about xbox or 360