Picture of Change the old Ball Joints on your truck
This is an instructable for changing out the ball joints on a 2002 Chevrolet S-10 Extreme.

The principles presented are very similar to many other vehicles.

Ever started to work on a vehicle but didn't know how to do the specific task?

Couldn't find the information needed to complete your work?

My goal is to provide some step by step instructables for various maintenance procedures that may seem daunting to the unknowing automobile owner.

Safe motoring!

Step 1: Recommended Tools and Supplies

Picture of Recommended Tools and Supplies
Among the tools needed for this repair, the following are recommended.

Ball Joint Press: Usually borrowed from an auto parts store
Ball Joint Separator: Usually borrowed from an auto parts store but it only costs $20
Hammer: Used to provide the force to drive the Ball Joint Separator
Wrenches/Sockets: The appropriate sizes to fit the lug nuts, ball joint castle nuts, etc.
Needle Nose Pliers: Used to remove the cotter pins in your castle nuts
Grease Gun: After you are done, you must add grease to your ball joints. If you don't have one, you can get one cheap or borrow from a friend, maybe even a shop.
Various Pry bars: AKA big screwdrivers for those who don't know the difference. yes there is one.
Auto jack/Floor Jack: a jack to lift your vehicle so that your tires are free from the ground.
Jack Stands: Used to support your vehicle while you're working
Chisel: Optional: Pneumatic Impact Hammer w/ chisel: Used to removed rivet heads from riveted ball joints, not necessary for bolted assemblies

Shop rags: Help clean up your mess
WD-40 or similar cleaner: gets old grease out of areas that need cleaned
Grease: I recommend a high quality multipurpose grease, but some people have specific greases for specific applications in the car. If this is your daily driver, a multipurpose grease is fine.

pullster3 years ago
How come all the ball joint and control arm bushing replacement how-to's are substantially all S10 related?
You suppose it is design/engineering or part related?
automd5 years ago
Very nice instructable. The details were indicated and the pictures were helpful. i guess its time I change the ball joints on my truck too.
Rocksterr6 years ago
Good Job! Mahalo nui loa Brother. Rocky
Pkranger88 (author)  Rocksterr6 years ago
dekeman6 years ago
Don't use that pickle fork for pickles now!
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Very good iBle! . You mention it in the photo notes, but I think you should spell out in the text that depending on a jack (especially a hydraulic one, is dangerous.
Pkranger88 (author)  NachoMahma6 years ago
Will do, thanks! Must've missed it.