Step 9: Clean it all up

No project is complete without clean up.

For the benefit of the rest of us, wipe down all of your tools with WD40, soap and water, Acetone, etc. Whatever you have that will clean them. ESPECIALLY, the tools you borrowed or rented.

It's called common courtesy. There's nothing more agitating when borrowing tools to find out that the previous guy was a slob, and left a blob of grease on the Ball Joint Press so that your hand were a mess before you got started.

As for your own tools, it only makes your next job easier and overall keeps you more interested in the nest job.

Until next time, safe wrenching and happy trails.
Rocksterr6 years ago
Good Job! Mahalo nui loa Brother. Rocky
Pkranger88 (author)  Rocksterr6 years ago