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This is my first instructable!

This will show you how to change your profile image.

The Extra Steps Idea By gmjhowe

Step 1: Open your Instructables Page

Picture of Open your Instructables Page
Do this by clicking on your username on the top right of the page.
you will enter your page.
Overcon1 year ago

Mines not working. I can upload the image, but once that is done I get no further prompts to do anything. I can click the Upload from Flicker, I can't even click on my Library.

Does this require a Pro account to occomplish?

Nvm i figured it out as you can see
All that is on the top of my screen is the word you And when I click on it it says drafts inbox and favorites and when i click on anything it just closes the box
J Moneyman6 years ago
thanx so much. that was so simple. i feel so stupid. i don't know what id do without this instructable!
csmiler (author)  J Moneyman6 years ago
Ur welcome!Thanks.
eljamo7 years ago
this dosnt work for me, the update image thing is in black and i cant click it
csmiler (author)  eljamo6 years ago
I checked it out and it seems the same for me...must be a prob with the site...
coolkid1097 years ago
Ya I did it thanks for helping n00bs like me lol
csmiler (author)  coolkid1097 years ago
You are welcome!
robomaniac7 years ago
hello, You could add print screen to ease understanding for lazy people like me. Keep it up! Jerome
csmiler (author)  robomaniac7 years ago
Thanks.Will do it as soon as im done with my exams.
turtleshane7 years ago
good instructable just one thing in step three say the update image on the bottom of the screen to help out just a little more other wise great very helpful.
gmjhowe7 years ago
Good, nice and easy for people not sure what there doing - I would suggest adding a couple of sections about picking a profile pic, and what looks good, and what doesnt, also maybe using something like paint to alter the size etc.
csmiler (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Thanks For the Tips!this was done in a hurry and it is my first instructable!will add to it soon. Thanks!
gmjhowe csmiler7 years ago
Good job, an excellent first -ible, and that 'take it on board' attitude will get you far on this website, as well as making many friends. I look forward to seeing you around! Be sure to get involved with the community side of this site also!
csmiler (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Thanks! You can now consider me your biggest fan!That was the best thing anyone has wished me! Thank You!
gmjhowe csmiler7 years ago
Less of a wish, more of a prayer, but yeah all the best!
csmiler (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago