Changing Colors in a Picture Using


Introduction: Changing Colors in a Picture Using

This is really a cool skill to know. You can change the color of about any photo. (Black & White ones don't work well). All you need is (requires Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed).

Step 1: Get

First of all, you need to download The following link should let you download it:

You must also install Microsoft .NET Framework. A window will come up while you are installing telling you how to get Microsoft .NET Framework.

Step 2: Open

Open and your image. I used a red car for an example. First, click Adjustments, Hue / Saturation. You can now mess with the colors. I only changed the hue because I think it looks better without the saturation being changed. You can save it now, or go on, to learn how to change multiple parts of the image.

Step 3: Change Colors on Multiple Sections

Now you need to get out the magic wand tool. Select the part of the image that you want to change the color. You might also want to change the tolerance at the top to select more or less of the photo. Now do Adjustments, Hue / Saturation again and mess with the color more. You can do this on almost any photo. Have fun with it!



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    Thanks. I've always wondered how this was done without losing the shading. Just used this tutorial to change the color of a background image for a game I'm developing.

    No, not really. Gimp FTW!!!! Because not only does it have a Windows base (???(large user group)), but it really has a large Linux base (and a lot (if not most) (free-time) developers use Linux) BTW, I've used both programs and mainly Paint.NET feels sluggish (if I remember right) and short on possibilities. BTW: Great Instructable, I will try it later on. Greetings from Holland (1.05 a.m., yes in the night ;-D

    oh yea well im in australia and its 4:30 am xDD and im only 14......

    Paint.NET doesn't have the functionality that the GIMP has..

    Don't even start about Linux. This was developed by college students as a project. Most campuses don't use Linux.

    So the servers on campuses don't run on Linux? They don't want stable servers on campuses, that odd. Remind me never to go to campus in America. Because a lot of corporate servers run on Linux because of it's stability :-D and of course cheap in comparison to Window$. Anyhow, I just mentioned Linux because in contradiction to Paint.NET, THE GIMP works on Linux & WINDOWS, so that it has 2 communities (1 Linux, 1 Windows). So that's the reason why THE GIMP is FTW!

    For The Win :-D (so that term isn't widely used by you Americans? At least EVGA uses it on some of her motherboards)

    C'est merde. Et vous ne parlent pas le français dans néerlandais monde. Cul visage. Et pourquoi pensez-vous que je suis américain???

    Je ne suis pas Americain!

    In case you're wondering, Monsieur LookAtMeImSoDutch, some do not like to look like nationalistic énorme ânes. What does you being from Holland have to do with anything? If we were talking about countries, maybe, but are we? NO

    Well beg my pardon for presuming that you we're from the other side of the world, but did you really need 3 posts just to say you aren't from America? But now you've made me curious, from which country are you then? Canada of France?

    Well, I would think that you would be able to tell, since you did so well guessing the first time. Exactly. You can't presume that everyone on this site is American. Many people on this site are not, as proven by you own nationality. Why do you have you uselessly brag about being "foreign"? Get some other source of self esteem, really. And it is Belgium.

    ummm your link doesnt work

    Same with gimp. Sorry but we can't go with this dot.nasty.