From what i understand this is a common issue. Hear a clunk when one wheel drives over a man hole cover? It doesn't clunk as much when both wheels go over a bump. The clunk is the sway bar bushing.

Will take one hour of time. Bushings are 15$ and come in one box containing two rubber bushings. There are only two bolts to take out. You can fix this yourself.

The vehicle featured is a Dodge Caravan 2002.

Step 1: Prepare your gear

Clean the floor, put something down on the floor so you are not on concrete. Raise the vehicle. Get lights placed. Get tools near by.
<p>Use tons of grease,even on a new bushing.Consider using a spray can of lithium spray grease on where the bushing and bracket and sway bar meet,and where the bracket goes into the slot.Go crazy with the grease.This was advice from a few people on a dodge site.I even considered tapping for a zerk fitting.</p>
<p>great walkthrough! Before anyone buys <br>their replacement bushings, you need to know the size of you bar. <br>Otherwise you'll have a bushing that is too big or small. Here is a blog <br> I made showing 6 different ways to measure a sway bar:</p><p><a href="http://www.aftermarketsuspensionparts.com/blog/how-to-measure-a-sway-bar-6-different-ways/" rel="nofollow">http://www.aftermarketsuspensionparts.com/blog/how...</a></p>
thanks helped alot
very cool, good pictures with captions in it

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