I now use Windows 7 which runs just as good as Xp.
I had switched from Vista to Xp because its so much faster.
This Instructable will explain the process of changing Windows Vista and making it look like Windows XP. This covers changing the log-in screen, the computers theme, changing the mouse cursor style, and customizing other little features. Let me know if I miss something and comment, as this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Wallpaper

Attached is the official Windows XP Bliss wallpaper.
<p>does &quot;Windows XP.logonvista&quot; work on Windows 7?</p>
Can I use Royale instead of Luna?
Sure, a long as you have the correct theme file for Vista.
Will the same files work on Vista as on XP?
Do you have to use VistaGlazz?
you DO have to use vistaglass as it patches theme files so you can run 3rd party themes on your pc<br> <br> if you don't it will NOT look the same as the screenshot here.
but if you want you can go through the hassle of doing it yourself. But if you do decide to to the diy way make a system restore point so if you crash up your visual styles you can revert back to when you did not tamper with them.
Does VistaGlazz work in Windows 7?
yes it does but one of the features is disabled.<br> <br> <strong>don't worry</strong> because the 'patch system files' feature is the one you need and it isn't disabled.
And to think that I worked SO HARD to make my xp look like vista. :P. I like the vista theme but of course, xp is waaay better. Now I have 7. May the last dinosaur be with us. Ssslouter
actually u select none for the cusors\
Thanks for the tip. I just realized that's what it should be. I'll update the Instructable.
Al right this really is hopeless. <br />
You have the wallpaper step twice.<br />
Never noticed that before! Thanks for pointing it out. I deleted step 8.<br />
Does LogonStudio Vista work on Windows 7?
It appears to work with Windows 7.<br /> <br /> See the link below for more details:<br /> <a href="http://www.stardock.com/products/logonstudio/" rel="nofollow">www.stardock.com/products/logonstudio/</a><br />
yeah.. so when i click the link it doesnt say run it says find what should i do?
You need to download and save it to a location of your choice. Then, copy it to the &quot;Startup&quot; folder to start it when the computer turns on. Double click it to run it for the first time without restarting.<br />
so it should be with all of the other programs that come on when i startup my computer?
Yes. The &quot;Startup&quot; folder is located in the Start menu.
Download comes up as a .tmp file not a logonvista :(
just rename the file to .logonvista
does anybody know where I can get certified themes for vista?
One of the many improvements in Vista over XP is that it looks a lot nicer... Thit's just my opinion, but I personally think XP is pretty ugly.
lol they both suck the them vega for vista is awesome
Hmmm... I tend to think the other way.
i use classic as its just simpley faster. they both look the same in classic

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