Picture of Changing a Flat Tire
Changing a flat tire is a skill that unfortunately, many people do not possess.  Most people never had the privilege of being taught how, while others have simply never run into a situation where they needed to change a flat.  No one wants to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, so here are some simple steps to follow if you are ever in this situation.

In the event that you do get a flat tire, try to find a parking lot where you can safely perform the tire change.  If this is not possible, pull over as far as possible.  The main thing is to be safe!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will most likely find all of the tools you will need to change the tire in the back of your vehicle.  Look for a handle or strap that will allow you to pull up the floorboards.  Your tools are often located there. You will need:
• Scissor Jack
• Lug Wrench
• Crank

Step 2: Remove Hub Cap

If you can't see the lug nuts on the outside of the tire, you probably have a hub cap.  Simply pull it off and set it off to the side.

Step 3: Loosening the Lug Nuts

Picture of Loosening the Lug Nuts
One mistake that is often made is attempting to loosen the lug nuts after lifting the vehicle off the ground.  By making this mistake you will soon realize that it is almost impossible to loosen them.  The tire will spin as you crank on the lug wrench.  The tire being firmly planted on the ground will allow you to get the torque necessary to loosen the lug nuts.  When loosening the lug nuts, do so in a star pattern.  This will keep the tire from twisting as you take it off.  Place the lug wrench on the lug nut and crank in a counterclockwise direction.  Do not completely remove the lug nuts.  Loosen them to make it easier to spin them off when your vehicle is jacked up.