An easy way to change your bicycle tube.

Step 1: First Things First

Loosen axle bolts. To make it easy to get the chain off, push the wheel all the way forward.
I can never figure out how to prevent flat spots and eggs in my tyre (OK&lt; I'm Australian, we spell stuff funny)<br><br>Maybe it's my rims? Any ideas how to get the bead settled in perfectly would be tops!<br><br>Ta,<br><br>W
Nothing great, if you have a proper tool and it's just matter of efforts.<br /> the same principal even one can apply for 2 wheelers and four wheelers.<br /> <br />
- Be careful with the tire leavers not to damage the tube.<br /> - Hold on to the levers otherwise the may spring lose and knock your eye out.<br /> - Start opposite of the valve when removing the tube (and end there when you're putting it back on)<br /> - Check the inside of the outside tire for damage (and pointy stuff like protruding wire or glass)&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Also, you can actually (at least I&nbsp;have)&nbsp;change the tire without removing the wheel by slightly bending the frame (it's really a two men job, but on some bikes it is very hard to remove a wheel completely), or use a frame extender. That way you can even leave the chain on (you'll have to remove the tire to the other side of the wheel)). It's crude but effective and sometimes necessary (like with my 10 year old all rusted solid kick-brake bike)<br />
&nbsp;that's a stout little bike. You ride bmx?
&nbsp;yea i do.i also work at a bmx bike shop.
Well done, but I would air up the tire <em>before </em>putting it back on the bike...just in case.
&nbsp;Pretty good instructions. Only thing I wouldn't recommend is using the tire levers as leverage to mount the tire, as it is <strong>very</strong> easy to get a pinch flat (when the inner tube gets pinched between the rim and tire bead) using that method. The best way, as you said, is to simply use you hand to push the bead onto the rim and work your way around. Even though the first few times it can be hard, it gets easier over time.
Looks good, photos are really helpful. Just a couple of extra thoughts:<br /> keep fingers out of chains to avoid pinchy situations. A prodding stick can be used (I know, safety rubbish but I bet someone'll hurt themselves and sue&nbsp;:)<br /> If you don't have tyre levers then your mums best spoon handles make a good improvisation.<br /> Finally, I don't know if its just cos I run knobbly tyres but even when deflated I would struggle to get them over the brakes. I'm surprised you didn't include a &quot;disconnect rear brake&quot; step.<br />
Why did this get featured? There have been plenty of other ones with the same quality. No offense, just wondering why it didn't happen earlier<br />
Well done, but PSI&nbsp;stands for <strong>pounds </strong>per square inch.<br />

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