Changing an Ostomy Appliance




Introduction: Changing an Ostomy Appliance

Changing an ostomy bag can be complicated if you don’t know
what you’re doing. This article will provide you with step by step instructions that will help you change an ostomy pouch quickly and easily. You will need a few minutes gather needed supplies.

Step 1: Things You Will Need


2. Water

3. Mild soap(optional)

4.New pouching system


6. Towel

7. Gauze 4x4 (optional)

Step 2: Start by Washing Your Hands

Step 3: Apply Gloves and Remove Current Pouching System to Expose Stoma, Be Careful Not to Waste Any of the Content Inside of the Pouch.

Step 4: Clean Skin Around Stoma Using Gauze or Towel With Water and Mild Soap, Be Sure to Dry Skin Thoroughly After Cleaning.

Step 5: Measure Area Around Stoma With the Flange and Cut It Out to Fit Your Stoma.

Step 6: Place the Flange Around Stoma While Standing or Lying to Prevent Wrinkling, Hold in Place for 30 Seconds.

Step 7: 6. Snap New Pouch Onto Flange.

Step 8: After You Have Finished Put New Pouch in Place and Put Away Supplies.



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    Interesting. This is one subject that I didn't really know anything about. Learn something new every day.