Here is a simple step by step on how to change your brake pads on your vehicle in this case I used a 1995 Grand Prix but the equipment is the same for most models with disk brakes.

You will need
-Jack Stand
-Floor Jack or Lift
-New Brake Pads
-A Normal Hammer
-Large Hammer**
-Impact wrench or a breaker bar
-3/4" socket ***
-15 mm socket***
-Flat Head Screw Driver
-C Clamps ****

**Large hammer may not be necessary but its a good idea to have one just in case.
***Size may vary depending on the vehicle check a manual or have a variety of sizes on hand.
***Allen wrenches may be required instead of a socket
****Used to compress the cylinder I needed two sizes you may not.

Step 1: First thing

First and foremost, do not attempt repairs that are beyond your ability. If you feel unsure about a repair, you should seek out a competent professional to do the work for you. Better to pay someone who knows what they're doing than to attempt to fix it yourself and screw it up. Many systems on vehicles today are very complex. Repairs often require considerable skill and expertise, not to mention special tools and equipment. A simple mistake could ruin sensitive (and expensive!) electronic components. So don't tackle jobs that are beyond your abilities.

Know your physical limits, too. Don't attempt repairs yourself if you're not physically able to do the work. Replacing certain components may require heavy lifting (changing or removing tires, pulling a cylinder head, etc.), crawling under the vehicle, laying or working in an awkward position, reaching, bending, twisting, pulling, tugging, straining, jerking and motions you may not be accustomed to making. Use common sense. If you have a bad back, joint problems or lack the physical strength to do something, then don't. Hire someone to do it for you.

Also, do not attempt to undertake any maintenance or repair work on your vehicle if you're tired, not feeling well, tipsy, on medication or otherwise impaired. Exhaustion, illness, alcoholic beverages and even some medications may affect your judgment and perception creating a potential for injury or error.

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