Picture of Changing engine oil
This Instructable is a simple step-by-step on how to change the engine oil in your car. For this example I used a 2003 Buick Park Avenue Ultra however the process is basically identical on most vehicles. 
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Step 1: Safety First!

Do not attempt any repairs or maintenance to a vehicle if it is beyond your knowledge level. There is no reason to attempt a repair without the actual know-how to carry it through. Most likely you will fail and it could end up costing more than just hiring a professional to make the repair for you in the first place. Remember not to attempt any repairs on a system in your vehicle if you don't have direct and full knowledge of the workings of said system. Although changing the oil in your engine is relatively simple, one mistake could result in the total destruction of your engine and at the least thousands of dollars in repairs. More importantly, a problem with your vehicle could also effect the safety of other drivers on the road. 

Besides the complexity of maintenance and repairs for your vehicle there is also a certain amount of physical capability required. Particularly in this case you will be required to crawl under the vehicle and possibly lay in an awkward position while working. There is also an extensive amount of twisting and pulling required to remove the filter and oil cap. If these motions are out of the normal of your normal range, or if you have a back or shoulder issue seek the help of a competent professional. Once again it is better to hire someone to make the repair for you than it is to injure yourself in the process. 

Last of all, do not attempt any repairs on a vehicle if your vision, decision making or physical abilities are impaired. This is the most dangerous thing you can do. You should never work on a vehicle while consuming alcohol or even hours after consumption. Fatigue, illness or even medications could also impair your judgement and ability to work safely. Safety is paramount, and if any of these elements are present when maintenance is necessary you should seek out the services of a trained professional. Do not attempt any maintenance under these conditions!!
samalert2 years ago
What a lovely instructable tnx.
wire-nut2 years ago
That nice write up, but you need to use jack stands. A car jack alone is not safe.
Ranie-K2 years ago
Great photos!