Ok, this is different than my usual instructables where I create a prop.  There's one of them on the way, in the meantime I had to swap out the front brake rotors on our 1995 Volvo 850 due to a warped rotor which was giving us a pulse when coming to a stop.

This is a fairly easy job if you have the right tools.  So lets start there:


19mm socket for lug nuts
15mm socket for Caliper Bracket
7mm allen for Caliper guide bolts
10mm socket for removing rotor holding pin
C-Clamp or equivalent for compressing caliper
Flat blade screwdriver for removing anti-rattle spring
Rachet wrenches 
Torque wrench
Two new 15mm Caliper Bracket bolts, (they're one time use)
New rotor!
new pads while you're there.
Anti-seize compound
loctite (blue)

Step 1: Loosen Lug nuts

Depending upon your tool set, you can do this one of two ways.

If using a hand tool. Use the 19mm socket and the right sized ratchet to break the bolts loose. Hey, you could even use the lug wrench the car came with.  We're not fancy here.

I have an impact wrench.

So if you're doing this by hand, break them loose, not too loose then we'll jack up the car. 

Ok, all the safety things here: The car's in park, the parking break is on, you have not only a jack but a jack stand once it's in the air. Cars are heavy, they can swash things if you're not careful. Be careful.

The jack point for the Volvo is where the subframe attaches to the body. You'll find it. It's a good sturdy place to use.

Jack up the car to get the wheel off the ground. Then go a little higher and get the jack stand under the car near the jack. Lower the jack till the car is resting on the stand. Then I go and jack up a little again till the jack is tight against the car again. It's a belt and suspenders kind of thing. I don't want it to fall.

I use my impact wrench now to spin off all five lugs from the wheel.  Then I slide the wheel under the car. Just one more way to keep me safe.
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Thanks for the kind words! <br><br>Good tools make a huge difference, having the right tool for the job, and having a tool that isn't going to break when you need it most is crucial.<br><br>When I shopped for a tool box, I found one with roller bearing drawer slides. Why? because when you're working on something, you're already frustrated, why have a cheap tool box with sticking drawers that won't open or shut when loaded add to the foul mood.<br><br>Oh, and work neat. Keep things in order, nothing worse than chasing a rusted bolt on a dirt driveway&hellip; it's like camouflage.
One time use caliper bolts?! EEEk. I have reused mine at least 3 times each over the last 10 years!
The manual is pretty specific about replacing them. They're under a great deal of sheer force, as you can imagine. Replacing them is cheap, and knowing they're new and up for the job, is quite comforting. <br> <br>You're probably fine! But for me, while I'm in there doing the work, if the manual makes a specific point about them being one time use. I'm going to trust that. Figure there must be a reason. (aside from selling you a bolt or two.)
This rules, thank you so much for the share.
Gladly! I wish I took pictures on the hub replacement. That was a fun job as well.

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