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Today I bought a neon clock on ebay.  It was local collection only, so I got it dirt cheap.. £5. I was unsure whether or not to get it at first. Why? Welllllll it was a playboy clock and well...that's a little feminine for me.  I thought that since it was a neon clock there must be a way into the clock face in order to replace the bulb...and HOPEFULLY the face too!  If you're planning on completing this ible then remember to do what I did and ask what colour the lamp is when lit (it was not shown lit up on ebay).  

This ible will show you how to change the theme of most standard neon clocks.  I chose to make a starbucks one, but you could make anything.  Luckily the light in this one was a white light and not a pink or blue one..although it all depends on A) taste and B) the mood of your design..since pink would look great for an american diner feel, or the pink panther of course!

I like the fact that the white light on this clock follows the white stroke around the outside of the starbucks logo. It brings the logo to life.

- I know starbucks has a new logo, but I like this one best! Plus it matches my starbucks mugs.

Forgive me if I miss anything or break convention..this is my first ible. I am a design student so I know my way around photoshop, but for this ible it's all basic stuff.  Secondly I cannot be held responsible for any explosions, fires or health hazards. You should be in the room if your clock is lit up and you've modified it, who knows what may happen!

For this project you will need:

A neon clock
An A3 printer, paper and card (depending on size of clock face, could be A4)
A craft knife and cutting matt
Double sided sticky tape
A screw driver
A small adjustable spanner
A ruler to measure your current clock face dimensions
Photoshop of equiv. graphics software
Tie wraps (perhaps, depending on the clock)

oh, And Attention to detail.

Let's get started.
gottatinker made it!2 months ago

Made one today saw the clock advertised used on gumtree picked it up, got the design printed up & hey presto its a Glock clock

Very nice! Looks very professional - much nicer than the original clock.
instructascott (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks jessy i'm glad you like it! The best thing is that you could make it into any theme!