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Introduction: Chanh Muối - Salt Pickled Limes and Lemons

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Salty lemonade is one of my favorite drinks, but I cannot find it where I am currently living.

Chanh Muối has at least two definitions:

  1. Salted, picked limes or lemons.
  2. Vietnamese salty lemonade or salty limeade.

The former is the main ingredient in the latter, so here we go.

Step 1: Fruits

You will be pickling your fruit in a jar as pictured in the intro. After you locate a jar, determine how much fruit you will be able to squeeze in.

Use organic lemons or limes.

Wash your fruit well.

Step 2: Salting

Slice a thin layer from one end of the fruit.

Cut a cross into the fruit as pictured, do not slice all the way through.

Sprinkle a teaspoon of salt into each fruit.

Step 3: Brining and Waiting

Sterilize your jar.

Add the fruit to the jar.

The amount of brine you need will vary depending on your jar size. For each cup water you will add a 1/8 cup of coarse salt.

Ensure your fruit is completely submerged in the water, you do not want it to mold!

Set your jar in a sunny window.

Wait at least three weeks.

These will keep for months.

Break off pieces of the lemons for use in drinks. Salty lemonade recipe to follow.


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Does 'coarse salt' refer to any kind of salt? Just wondering if I need to use pickling salt, thanks!

Salty lemonade? That sounds amazing. :D

Thanks, I hope you try it!

Can you point me towards a good 'ible or other webpage for sterilizing the jar (as required in step 3)? I'm wondering how sterile sterile needs to be.


This 'ible does a great job: