Step 8: Lug, Putter, and Launch

I proceed in the most inefficient way possible to lug all my stuff to the beach, tie it together into the shape of an outrigger canoe, sort it and pack it. I put the canoe up on a row of sticks like crossties on a railroad, with more sticks leading to the water.

Finally it's all packed and rigged and ready to go and I don't have any excuse to not go sailing.
A biologist named Rachel came walking along to check on her invertebrates and how they were responding to oil spills. She helped me launch and came for a little sail.
The first launch of a trip is a pretty nervous time for me. Maybe something is wrong with the gear, the weather, the place? Maybe what I'm doing is completely insane? Rachel didn't seem to mind any of that, which was reassuring. She sailed the boat while I took it easy. Any time the sailing seems easy and fun to someone who hasn't done it before, that's a good sign. I dropped her off at the dock ladder and sailed around the corner.

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