Picture of Chapgun, The Chapstick Pop Gun
This is an old trick I learned a long time ago. I thought everyone knew about it, but when I show it to someone, they're usually fascinated by it. I'm sure many of you will know it, but to those who don't, this is right up there with the pea shooter, spitwad, and paper footballs. It is still always entertaining to show others how to make one since it is so simple, then pop them when they least expect it and watch them jump.
No tools are required. All you need is a used up chapstick tube with the cap.

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Step 1: Making the Chapgun

Picture of Making the Chapgun
1. Grab a regular tube of chapstick, or lipbalm.

2. Turn the adjustment wheel until the shuttle is almost near the top. Don't go too far or it will disconnect from the lead screw on the inside. If there is any stuff left on the inside, knock it out. A little is fine, because it lubricates the sliding shuttle, and smells good.

3. Pry off the adjustment wheel. You can use just your hands. You can also use your nail to help pry the wheel away from the body. If prying is successful, move to step 4, otherwise grab a thin object, like a knife and use it to pry the cap off.

4. Pull the adjustment wheel all the way out until it comes to a stop. Know you're ready to pop a cap.

5. Hold the body of the chapstick tube, aim, and slam the adjustment wheel back into the body using your other hand to fire. Make sure you push straight, otherwise the lead screw will bend.

6. This is a generally harmless weapon, but like all weapons, be careful with it. Do not aim at anyones face, because it can hurt or worse do damage to their eyes.

7. An added improvement is to put a drop of superglue in the hole where the lead screw screws into the shuttle. This will prevent the lead screw from backing out, and falling out.
lislis3822 years ago
didnt work
it enhances the effect... i thought you edited this for it to look like it was going fast, but i guess you didn't... COOL
seabananers4 years ago
it says how to make this in the big book of boy stuff by bart king
stickeater5 years ago
try drilling a hole on the cap and glueing a pen tube on it so it can throw spit wads.just remember to glue the cap on
General D35 years ago
it still looks awesome.
Derin5 years ago
omg the girl is doomed
Ha! lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
OatsnHoney6 years ago
im am so making one of these
dombeef6 years ago