Introduction: Chapstick Hiding Place

Picture of Chapstick Hiding Place

Step 1: Cutting the Seal

Picture of Cutting the Seal

Cut the seal using a utility knife to make it seem like its brand new

Step 2: Getting It Out

Picture of Getting It Out

Remove the cap and twist the bottom, remove the Chapstick from inside and keep aside

Step 3: Ziploc

Picture of Ziploc

Put the chapstick in a ziploc as it can be used later

Step 4: Cash

Picture of Cash

Get your money and fold it down the width

Step 5: Fold

Picture of Fold

Fold your money again down the middle height wise two times

Step 6: Roll

Picture of Roll

Roll your money up till it's in a thin cylinder shape

Step 7: Hiding

Picture of Hiding

Put the rolled up money inside the body of the Chapstick, put the cap back on and hide it in plain sight


blueberry (author)2015-05-28

Great idea I might try!

hairypotter (author)blueberry 2015-05-28


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