Chapstick Party Wand


Introduction: Chapstick Party Wand

About: Well, i've been know as almost a mastermind for my tool set of pocket size pain inducers such as various small voltage tasers, pressure point squeezers, and sonic grenades.

This is a fun,stupid, and completely useless for anything other than partying and concerts.

Step 1: Parts List

1. gutted chapstick tube save all pieces
2. small fibreoptic flashing stick (any color)
3. hot glue gun

Step 2: Gutting the Tube

take off the cap and twist the wax as far as it will go and break it off. throw that away you wont need it.
use pliers to pull out the back piece of the tube (the part you twist)
once the back has come out of its place pull it all the way out and cut off the stick thing that allows the wax holder to go up and down
if the wax holder is still in the tube, use a pencil or something that will fit inside of the tube to push it out.
pop the bottom back onto the tube

Step 3: Gluing in the "starter" Light End Cap

with cap still attached to light squeeze a ring of hot glue around the end piece. take the whole ligt and insert it back first into the empty capstick tube until only the flashing section of the tube is showing.

Step 4: Finished

twist the light to turn it on and take it into a dark place to try it out. have fun partying!



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    gorillazmiko i see you all over this site are you with instructables or an over enthousiastic fan of instructables?

    And there's abaolutely nothing wrong with that.

    hey you can usually get them from party stores i had this one given to me at a pep rally. you should be able to find one.


    lol u had the same light thingy as i have i got mine from summer fest

    did anyone other than gorillazmiko see my pomagranate thing?

    Are the regular fiber optic light things allowed at concerts?

    1 reply

    yea im pretty sure they are. think about it if people can get away with lighters fibre optics should be ok. so i would give it a go