I created this costume for my son. The character "9" is based on the Movie "9" by Shane Acker
<p>Great costume! </p>
This. <br>Is. <br>AMAZING!
I want my son to go as 6 this year and I saw this!!! Can you tell how you did it? I am trying to find someone to make one for him, he's 20 months old.
That is so adorable and just spot on!!!
AWESOME!<br /> The only way I&nbsp;could think to make it better is if it had a battery powered plasma ball on the staff....<br />
I left the back open, because fully closed and my son would of been way too hot. <br> <br>thanks for comments
Aside from the back of the head (where we can see your hair) this is amazing! welldone I love it!
I LOVE&nbsp;this costume!
2nd best 9 costume i've seen (first was in pics i saw from comicon this year)<br />

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