I really love Halloween (...and wearing costumes to cons...and just dressing up in general), so I like to go-all-out when I can. To help push those certain costumes over-the-top and have you looking your very best (or worst) there are some wonderful little changes you can do to your face to help transform yourself. This isn't a tutorial about, say, contouring your face and putting on beauty makeup (there are lots of those out there) this is more of a 'check-list' to review when you are putting a costume together. In each 'step' you're find a brief summary about a specific topic, what products I use and how to apply/wear certain items. Hopefully this will be of help (to somebody!) the next time you decided to dress up.

Step 1: The Check List

 In this Instructables, I'll be talking about:
- Contacts
- Wigs
- Eyebrows
- Prosthetics (nose)
- Zits
- Scars (and blood and bruises)
- Teeth

I've included a little time-lapse video of myself getting ready as Tatterhood, a character from my on-going in-progress graphic novel. Save for putting in contacts, I apply all of the items on the 'check list.' (It was the first video I had taken at my computer, and first time doing makeup using a computer camera/monitor, so there is lot of featuring of my forehead.) So if something I talk about in one of the 'step'/topic pages is unclear, hopefully this will provide a wee bit of insight.

Skinny arms with that face FREAKY ( you are a beautiful woman and what you just did here is a talent hun) hugs.. and i loved it .. favourite :D <br>
heehee, thanks - initially when I got an email notifying me of this comment I thought it was for my Ryuk costume, so I was actually pleasantly surprised/very happy it was for this!!
<p>hahahaha YES i believe Ryuk costume is good too.. but frankly making a beautiful woman look cunning and devilish is a talent :D</p>

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Bio: I'm an indie game developer who enjoys making costumes, comics and cupcakes. I like video and board games, halloween, and laser dolphins.
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