Step 11: Improvised Sheet Metal Brake

The jaws on my vise are too wide to allow bending the back of the scoop.  I used an adjustable wrench and bent in small steps so no one part was too far ahead of any other.
step 11 with the Improvised sheet metal brake was worth the price of admission.<br> <br> That's a great idea for sheet metal work that I've never seen before.<br> <br>
Thank you. I am glad you found something useful.
Nice, I like how it's made out of the number plate!
Thank you. I probably would have used sheet aluminum, but thought it would be interesting to utilize a piece of scrap, like an old license plate.
Well you definitely got the desired effect. :D
Great, Phil! Recicling is a very good thing for earth
Thank you, Osvaldo. Now, if I could just find an idea for using the ashes!
You can cook &quot;dulce de leche&quot; using ashes. They are alkaline. Also can make soap. Some heat-resistant cements contains ashes, too, I don't know the recipe.
Thanks. In Iowa we used to put ashes on icy places to avoid slipping.
I've seen on TV and the web that there in the north there are extreme heat. Here we are enduring a wave of freezing &quot;polar&quot; cold for weeks. We are waiting even snow, rare thing at this latitude.
It is now our summer and your winter. Idaho where I live has not been hotter than normal. I think the central and southern parts of the nation have been quite hot. New York City has also had some very hot temperatures.
I don't know about your state but here in Pennsylvania we are required to return our unused license plates to the Department of Transportation. What about your state?
I live in Idaho. We have no such requirement. I know some people collect license plates. Pennsylvania's requirement should make their plates rare and desireable for collectors.
Nice bends! I like how if you were to hang the scoop up for storage you'd see it was a license plate.<br> In the final picture it looks like there is a slit cut in the center of the curved portion of the scoop, or is that photo distortion?
There is no slit. You may be seeing a glint on a short section between two numbers. There is also the remnant of the original center line mark. I have never hung my scoop because it rests on the ash catching tray under my grill. Were I to hang it, I would probably drill a 3/16 inch hole in the end of the handle. Thank you for your comment and for viewing this.
Excellent idea, well made and very useful item to have for small fire place and bbq.
Thank you. The scoop was not my idea, but I made a copy of a commercial scoop when it rusted badly and prematurely. It is very useful. If used in a fireplace, there would be no need for cutting the front to a radius curve, nor bending the bottom of the scoop at the front to a curve. The curves are to fit the inside of a kettle-style covered charcoal grill.

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