Charcoaled boneless chicken tikka with masala


so let me get started.

i made this today. for like, 1 hour ago. today is my mum's birthday and well dinner will be outside, but what about the lunch?

something light but yummy?

how about a quick chicken? THATS IT! chicken it is :)

i always love the smell of coals in bbq.. but sadly we don't own a bbq machine or ( whatever it is called)

so this is a trick i often do for that aroma :D

hope you enjoy it :)

Step 1: Ingredients for the tikka

Picture of Ingredients for the tikka
10601232_1505924319645152_692386734_n (1).jpg

  1. i used a packet of tikka masala.. ( i ask you to do the same) or you may simply add the indredients you use for the bbq :)
  2. lemon juice (1 lemon)
  3. garlic and ginger paste 1 tb
  4. boneless chicken breast ( cut in small cubes)


mix all the above and let it marinate for 1-2 hours.

Sara Ash1 year ago
this reminds me of pak so much :')
looks very gratifying =)
sabu.dawdy (author)  Sara Ash1 year ago

thank you :) i am new to cooking sooooo learning pakistani dishes hehe

Bhawya1 year ago

Looks so inviting curry. ll make this one day.

sabu.dawdy (author)  Bhawya1 year ago

thank you.. =)

That looks delicious, and it's such a clever way to avoid using the BBQ. Thanks for sharing!

hahaa yes i agree. this way coal gives the chicken a little tender and yummy taste

The coal in the onion is a new information. thank you..Even I don't own a BBQ. This is a good alternative

sabu.dawdy (author)  Passion Make1 year ago

glad you liked it :) however try your best not to let the smoke get away