Charge His Phone With With a Fruit


Introduction: Charge His Phone With With a Fruit

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Recharge his mobile phone (joke)

Recharge his mobile phone with a fruit is almost impossible
That's why I'll teach you to make a joke to your friends and family by telling them you get there.
To do this you will not need a lot.
_a fruit
_a mobile phone (or tablet)
_the charger of this mobile phone (or tablet)

Step 1: Screenshot

Step 1
If you have an iPhone (or iPad) just make a screenshot when you load it.
IPhone on the screenshots are made by pressing the "menu" and "lock" together.
If you have an Android device (Samsung, HTC) the same thing should work. Do not forget to connect before the screenshot.

Step 2: The Prank ( Joke )

Step 2
Then you'll just have to plug it into any fruit saying my phone is loaded with fruit.
And voila

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    does it actually charge your phone?

    I bet that if your playing fruit ninja while doing this, your fruit you're "charging" it with will split in half. :)

    Haha pretty easy to fool some idiots now xD

    Hahaha the sad thing is that so many people believe this! Thanks for sharing!