Step 7: Success...

It worked first time, which was a shock, a really big shock.  This seems like it needs refined and learned, not just thought up.
I thought it was just the paper and then I saw the 5V cord thing. I am disappoint.
it's cool<br>and here's a perfect solution for you<br>http://www.inhaos.com/product_info.php?products_id=29<br>good luck<br>cheers!
I have the exact same mp3 player! I have never come across someone else with the same. Do you think this would work with an iPod Touch?
The iPod touch would not work, since it requires the &quot;apple identification chip&quot;. Basically meaning you have to pay apple a hundred billion dollars if you want to charge without a computer.
Yeah though an ipod's significantly more expensive, take care with it. Thats funny about the mp3 I found it under my bed after two weeks of parties nobody wanted it back
Wait, did I miss something? What actually powers it?
An old phone charger though any 5v source will do the job just fine.
Nice job! Good phone camera, by the looks of it, too.
Thanks, the phone is a godsend, replaces a compact in most situations
I think I might just make this charger.... I'm pretty sure I've got a 5v somewhere.
Cool, take pics. I have plans to make more weird things aswell
Nice 'ible. An ingenious idea! Did you change the title? I seem ti remember it being something more confusing...
No but check out my published might be one of them
see when i was looking at the intructables newsletter i saw the first picture and was totally like wtf. i thought this is going to be really stupid, but then when i looked through the instructable its almost incredible. such a simple useful idea. sorry for doubting you
hey mitchel is 19 3 1993 ur dob ?
actually its the 9th, but yeah?
oops, okay :D
Thanks, I kinda made the tile a bit odd, glad you liked the ible
yeah well when i first read it i thought it was something daft like running a current through paper. but its a really simple sort of... mount i guess.
I will make that happen now! The title is a misnomer i suspect
no, i dont think you should. I probably wouldnt of clicked on it otherwise. It a great instructable, and the title leaves alot to the imagination, something that people might want to find out more about
So running a current through paper wouldn't be awesome? I just thought of how to make a fully fledged female plug... Thanks, glad you enjoyed the instructable
You wernt kidding about the rip off from that pic xD.
Grab the connector and yank, I dont believe in scissors
Lol I don't believe in scissors either... but wire strippers are nice ;)
Reading this on my phone the word wire was missing on the screen, hah strippers
I love it.<br> <br> But I have resolved not to use it until I'm in a cold hotel in Budapest and my iPod (which has all my secrets that I'm supposed to deliver to someone named Natasha encrypted within my Doobie Brothers songs) has died and my charger was confiscated when the Magyar Garda took my backpack (intolerant jerks). I'll still have my phone charger because it was still in the wall when I went out to the internet cafe.<br> <br> Thanks from the future. Your country owes you a debt of gratitude. Or will...someday.<br> <br> citizen251<br>
Good to know it'll be a useful asset to the world.of espionage
This is most excellent, if you are planning such a thing go ahead and buy a USB extension cable from the $1 store and cut it open for this. I have done this or similar before myself. My favorite is bending the pins in a Molex (PC drive connector) and then just inserting a standard wall wart onto the positive side, can power up PC fans that way with no tools to make a desk fan.
The point was that i didnt have a female cable to do it with
Very MacGuvyer-ish. :-)
Cheers, quite a few of my projects are...
If I'm not mistaken, there should be diodes built into these devices to prevent wiring errors from &quot;blowing up&quot; the device. This is really a novel idea - I love it. It might be cool to draw up a cut-and-fold diagram in a vector drawing application to make it neater and more replicable. Nice work!
Thanks, I'll sketch it up next time I'm back at the computer, thats a great idea
A great way to do it !!! I'm getting sick of all the different adaptor plugs ! just cut them off !!! whahah :D
Aye, then lose the charger
Haha thats really clever mate !
Cheers smart, do be niceand vote
Clever!!! I did something similar using a piece of ice-cream stick. The paper is easiest.
Good to know someone else thought it was a good plan, getting a lot of stick from phobics that believe their tech all has the kind of fragility found in buttercups
would never do it just to do it. but in a survival or emergency type situation this is valuable information. Well done.
Cheers guess im a little less fretful about my devices...
You are Macgyver!! This is great.
Cheers, thats an awesome compliment
Buy the proper cable off ebay for a few pence and don't risk blowing up either your computer or phone etc.
No computer involved, should have read it, besides, its not that dangerous...
True, not physically dangerous, but one slip of the wires and you blow up the device USB port! ... guess how I know! :-(
Really made That mistake a ton of times and no problems
It... really isn't that bad. also, nice 'ible. Quick, resourceful and well documented. AWESOME!

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