Step 11: WALL-E

Picture of WALL-E
A lot of people have commented that these Seebeck units are too expensive to charge a cell phone. The heat sink and other parts are hard to build and source. It's true; until a better manufacturing process is produced these seebeck units will be that expensive. Hopefully GM or BMW, which have already taken interest into these ideas, will come out with some breakthroughs. Until then to make this a project that people can actually build at home with common low cost and easy to find parts, we decided to add this WALL-E section where you can use peltier coolers and an altoids tin as a heatsink to create your own WALL-E that is powered by thermoelectricity.
Nice i'able Great detail, I would love to see the seebeck used to power the Shocker circuit thereby converting its small voltage upto 240DC pulse which could then drive a transformer. Just a thought.. great work !!