Charge Your Cellphone Using Wasted Heat (and Build a Steampunk Wall-E)

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Step 3: Parts List (5V regulator)

Here are the parts we used.

Heat sink - Radioshack or from an old computer.

Thermal Paste - We got ours from Its not the best, but it was cheap and offered free shipping. A higher grade thermal paste would have improved it.

5V Regulator, LM7805 - This can also be purchased from Radioshack, as you can see, our's was.

0.33uF Capacitor - Radioshack or your favorite electronics store. (optional...ish)

0.1uF Capacitor - Radioshack or your favorite electronics store. (optional...ish)

USB female plug - We used a USB plug salvaged from a motherboard, but you can use anything that fits the device you would like to charge. Its actually easier to cut up a USB extension cord that has the USB receptacle plug.

Seebeck unit -
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spartans5 years ago
 hey this project is really good and i want to try it once.
hey why are these capacitors used for?
J-Ri spartans2 years ago
They are used to smooth the voltage on both sides of the regulator, and aren't really "optional-ish", you WILL get spikes over the rated voltage without them. How much over depends on a few factors, but they are cheap and you can find them anywhere, so use them.
can u please give more information about the thermal unit..
nachos5 years ago
 will this one work?    
its a peltier

Thanx in advance

Great project! They also sell cheap USB extenders at the dollar store.
DualPhase5 years ago
Will this step up from any voltage, say 1v? Do you know the efficiency percentage?
Kryptonite5 years ago
I went to but you didn't say which model of seebeck unit we should use.