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There are a lot of charger boxes on instructables.

I made one myself with a little different cable system and ventilation holes.
(al parts are from Ikea btw)

And as a bonus, it's very easy to make!


toogers (author)2009-10-25

yeah, it'd be best with, say,,a usb wall adapter and small pc fan.

toogers (author)toogers2009-10-25

sorry for the accidental subscript.

dchall8 (author)2008-10-18

I've been looking at the other designs. You have made many improvements. Perhaps if you wrote it up instead of making a slideshow it would have more attention. Your cable system is excellent! I like the idea of using a power strip that extends outside so you can power the entire box off without adding gimmicky switches. You could probably find a grommet at the hardward store to plug the center hole and restore some structural strength in that area. For the people still worried about heat in the box, I would suggest cutting a big hole and wiring a computer fan into one side of the box. Use some imagination. That's a shiba inu in the background, isn't it? Mine is mixed with chow. Excellent pet.

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