All of us use chargers to charge our mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, etc. And most of the chargers that are available these days have two main problems:

  1. Two Pin Charger: Charger doesn't fix firmly into the plug point, it will be shaky, loose contacts, and the charger might fall down and get damaged too.
  2. Charger Cable length is small: We people use phones even when on charging and we might have wished if the charger cable could be a little more longer.

Step 1: Components and Tools Required.

  1. Electric wires with good quality insulation.
  2. 3 pin plug top
  3. Female connector
  4. Screw driver
  5. Wire stripper
  6. Insulation tape
  7. Charger

Step 2: Strip the Ends of the Electric Wire Using Wire Stripper.

Step 3: Connect Electric Wires to the 3 Pin Plug Top.

Step 4: Similarly Connect the Other End of the Wires to the Female Connector.

Step 5: We Will Get This Product at the End of Step 4 and Connect the Charger to the End of Female Connector.

Step 6: Tape Insulation Tape Around the Junction Between Charger and Female Connector to Keep the Connection Intact

Now we have a better charger. We don't need a long USB cable anymore, and our chargers will have a longer life.

Step 7: Now, Enjoy the New Charger ;)

The 3 pin plug top will stay firmer in the plug point, so no charging interruptions due to loose charger. By varying the length of the electric wire, we can make a charger of any length.

Step 8: Here Is the Video About This HACK.

<p>A couple pieces of shrink wrap tubing along the length of the wires will tidy this up a bit and maybe make it a bit safer if it's really long. Just a thought. Nice instructable.</p>
<p>Interesting. Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>My pleasure :) Thanks for the comment :)</p>
<p>another win for the UK 3 pin plug system, solves 1 of the problems there .</p>

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