Introduction: Charging Problem in Electronic Scale (500kg)

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this is a scale having charging problem

Step 1:

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First Open the box

disconnect the all jacks

Step 2: Checking the Circuit

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check the secondary winding of transformer

there is no reading against secondary winding of transformer
but It have reading of primary winding

and in circuit have a bad capacitor (1000uf/25v)

Step 3: Changing the Capacitor

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Step 4: Replacing the Transformer

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it have 10v transformer

I replaced with 9v transformer

after this I connect the circuit

Step 5: Finished

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after connecting the circuit

I connect it to the AC

now it show 7.66 volts on battery terminal

after connecting the battery is now on and charging the battery


tomatoskins (author)2015-04-25

Nothing better than being able to fix your own stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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