Picture of Charging Station Breadbox
This is a powerstation to get rid of the multiple cords and chargers on my countertop.
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Step 1: The problem and the solution

Picture of The problem and the solution
Well, my counter top is a mess, with two cell phones, a digital camera and a digital camcorder charger, plus a pencil sharpener and a candle warmer. Takes up too much space and looks icky. I wanted to clean it up and make it look presentable yet still functional.
I have seen the things for sale, and for a hundred bucks, they will sell you essentially a closed box with a power strip in it. I can do that for less than $40. Want to watch?

Step 2: The initial materials

Picture of The initial materials
So, I go to Bed Bath and Beyond and pick up a wood bread box for $29.99 minus a 20% off coupon I had. Now I go to Lowes and purchase a power strip, two desk cord grommets (one with just a hole in the cap, and one with a swivel), some shrink tubing, and a three three hole power tap. Because of some of my big bricks, I will need the power tap.

Step 3: Cutting the holes for the cords

Picture of Cutting the holes for the cords
The first problem is that I have a 1.5 inch grommet but only a one inch hole saw. What to do? Get out the dremmel to finish the hole!

On the second hole, I have a 2 inch hole saw and a 2 inch grommet. Guess what, though. The two inch hole saw is internal diameter, not external. The kerf of the blade makes the hole too big. A little silicone glue and it is fine.

If you notice, I cut down the grommet for the 1.5 inch hole, but not the 2 inch. The 2 inch grommet has a spring inside to flip the little plate it contains over. I didn't want to mess that up.
papadorf2 years ago
The project did the same for me as everyone else.
cms19817 years ago
sweet dude - thanks for the good advice !
Quantumduck (author)  cms19817 years ago
You are very welcome. I hope it helps you come up with your own great design!
hassi7 years ago
Clean and simple...Just the way it oughta be...
Quantumduck (author) 8 years ago
Long time 'listener' first time poster. Let me know what you think of my first instructable.
Very nice. One question though; what's shrink tube? I assume some sort of heat shrinking rubber or plastic?
Quantumduck (author)  jeffreyf8 years ago
It is found in the electrical section of Lowes, and it is a heat shrink electrical insulation. It is really clean looking and makes a nice tight fit over those exposed wires and accidentally cut insulation.
westfw8 years ago
Pretty nice. Now do something portable! I've long since notice that the number of chargers that I have to take on a family vacation has reached ridiculous. Maybe the current trend to charge many things via USB plugs will help. (ha!) (phone, wife phone, three different cameras. An AA charger for randomness. iPod. One or more palmtops. One or more laptops. Sigh.)
HamO8 years ago
Very well done, my kinda project. Great pics. Thanks for sharing!