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Hello, here's another project of a charging station, based on various found around here, special thanks to PROD for the switches idea. It´s very basic, in terms of woodkrafting and electricity.

Step 1: Material Used

I've just used some spares around the house:

- Wine wooden box and furniture felt pads

- A piece of plywood (from the back of a frame)

- A piece of EVA foam

- Few brass gromits and pushpins

- Wire, "female" outlets, wire conectors, terminal blocks, rocker switches, a/c outlet.

- basic tools

Step 2: Preparing the Box

Picture of Preparing the Box

Picked a wine wooden box and inserted in the bottom four Tap-In Felt Furniture Pads.

Drilled a hole in the back and aplied a gromit to the A/C cable.

Didn´t made any protection on the wood, but i would like to apply in the future some varnish to give a rustic look to the box.

Step 3: Cut the Plywood, and Apply the EVA Foam

Picture of Cut the Plywood, and Apply the EVA Foam

Cut the plywood and the EVA foam at the same size in a way that it can enter the box tightly. Fix the EVA foam with four pushpins to the plywood.

Apply the shelf holders further down in the front of the box , so the plywood lid stays in diagonal.

Step 4: Drill the Holes and Apply the Gormits

Picture of Drill the Holes and Apply the Gormits

Drilled four holes in the EVA foam with the brass gromit itself and in the plywood with a wood drill. I've made a slot from the hole to the edge of the plywood (under the EVA) and "opened" 2 gormits so the 2 larger outlets can pass through the holes.

Step 5: The Electric Insert

Picture of The Electric Insert

Wired the female outlets to each other and to the switches.

Tested outside the box.

Step 6: Drill the Switches Holes

Picture of Drill the Switches Holes

Drilling and filing...

Step 7: Insert the Electric Inside the Box, Connect to the Switches, A/C Cord

Picture of Insert the Electric Inside the Box, Connect to the Switches, A/C Cord

Bad pictures... just a knot in the A/C cord so it cant be pulled from the outside.

Step 8: That's It!

Picture of That's It!

Finished! Nice good looking charging station for portable apliances (nokia charger, 1 x mini usb , 2 x micro usb).

In conclusion, e realize that the box is unnecessary to high and would look much better with a rustic finish.

The major problem was the switches rectangular holes, a lot of filing...

The next fase will be apply an A/C inlet at the side of the box, just as ejpierle did so well.

Sorry for the english (not native). Any doubt just ask!


trevorlarsson (author)2015-10-15

What is that keyboard thing in the middle?

fuet (author)trevorlarsson2015-10-20

I use one of these wireless keyboards with my Raspberry Pi and I love it.

$15 on Amazon:

diyrico (author)trevorlarsson2015-10-16

Hello, just a wireless keyboard to use with Raspberry Pi.

TizianaZ (author)2015-06-09

Really nice and simple! :D Could you maybe put the top cover a bit lower? In this way your devices would be a bit more inside the box and would be protected. And the box would not be "unnecessary high" as you said. :)

diyrico (author)TizianaZ2015-06-10

Yes that's a good solution, thanks for the idea!

EurekaFactory (author)2015-06-09

Nice, and fine English! Thank you for sharing this great project!

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