In the Halloween TV Special "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" our hero apparently has some trouble making his ghost costume as it has eye holes cut out all over the bed sheet. We wanted to recreate this great costume because nothing says Halloween better than poor, pathetic, wishy-washy Charlie Brown saying "I got a rock".

Step 1: Materials Needed

1 white bed sheet - We used a twin size sheet bought at the local thrift shop (Support your local Salvation Army!) This worked well for the size of our costumee who stands a little less than 5 feet tall. Taller ghosts would need larger sheet sizes which could be cut down if needed.

Black material - We used a black velveteen maxi-skirt we found at the local thrift shop (Support your local Salvation Army or St. Vincent DePaul or Goodwill!) This worked well because it didn't have any stretch to it and it was relatively thick and a nice dark black.

1 Deluxe Invisible Mask - Purchased at the local Halloween shop.

1 tube of Invisible Stitch fabric glue - Purchased at the local fabric store.

1 old baseball cap (preferably white) - Found in the closet. Another type of hat could probably be used but it should be white so it doesn't show through the sheet.

Pins, sewing needle, seam ripper or pocket knife, white thread, general purpose cutters, 1 large and 1 small circle template (we used the two ends of a tapered drinking glass), scissors, pencil and a white crayon.

I love this! Just finished watching that very episode! Thanks for posting!
I got a rock.
and i got an egg.......
&nbsp;and i got a nickle
i got a gun.
<br />
<p>My son loves this costume! He is 7. Instead of cutting out the circles, I used permanent marker to draw them on the costume. Thanks for the great tips!</p>
<p>Just seeing this now! Excellent! Everytime I see that part of the Charlie Brown Halloween special I crack up. The same goes for seeing the costume! Great job!</p>
I got a rock.
We just put in &quot;It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!&quot; An annual tradition along with the Thanksgiving episode and Christmas episode!
if you guys are to lazy to cut out the extra holes color some in with a black sharpie
&quot;I got a rock.&quot;:(<br>I wish I stumbled across this earlier; I have to save it for next year!
Next year you could make Pigpen's ghost costume! lol
&quot;I got a candy bar.&quot;<br /> &quot;I got a lollipop.&quot;<br /> &quot;I got a piece of gum.&quot;<br /> &quot;I got a rock.&quot;
This is quite a deluxe bedsheet ghost. One year I&nbsp;hacked&nbsp;up a bedsheet to make one&nbsp;and the eyes were too close together and mismatched sizes.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> As I side note on Charlie Brown, I remember watching&nbsp;an episode of the&nbsp;cartoon show, and he opened his closet.&nbsp;All of the&nbsp;shirts hanging in his closet were the same. That explains why he had the same outfit every day...
<pre class="indented">Trick or treats come only once a year, and I missed it by sitting in a pumpkin patch with a blockhead. YOU OWE ME RESTITUTION!:-)</pre>

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