Introduction: Charlie the Cat (Made Out of K'Nex)

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This is an instruction manual on how to build Charlie The Cat out of K'nex. This project was brought to you by Megan Gage, Liv Mack, and Harrison Maki. #Wachumakers #Charliethecat

Step 1: Body Materials

Picture of Body Materials

(8) yellow sticks

(7) 180 degree connectors

(1) blue stick

Step 2: Head Materials

Picture of Head Materials

(12) yellow sticks

(2) blue sticks

(5) white sticks

(9) 180 degree connectors

(2) white 360 degree connectors

(2) purple 180 degree connectors

(1) blue triangle connector

Step 3: Octagon

Picture of Octagon

Make a octagon using 6 yellow 180 degree connectors and 8 yellow sticks and 2 white 360 degree connectors

Step 4: Eyes and Ears

Picture of Eyes and Ears

~Place 2 blue sticks into 2 parallel yellow 180 degree connectors and place 2 purple 180 degree connectors on the end

~Make ears by crossing two yellow stick at the top of the head

Step 5: The Mouth

Picture of The Mouth

Separately- take the blue triangular connector and place 2 yellow 180 degree connectors where he's pointing then place another yellow 180 degree connector, flat side down, on the top of the triangle

Step 6: Attaching the Mouth

Picture of Attaching the Mouth

Detach the bottom yellow stick on the face and slide the top triangle connector into it. Then attach rest of triangle to face using 2 white stick

~Note: The ears should be where they are supposed to.

Step 7: Making the Neck

Picture of Making the Neck

Attach 3 white sticks to the bottom 3 connectors

Step 8: Body Part!

Picture of Body Part!

Separately- Take 3 yellow sticks and make part of a square using the 180 degree connectors and place one connector in the center - stick up. Repeat step so you have 2. Then take 1 yellow sticks and 1 blue stick and connect them using a 180 degree connectors

Step 9: Making the Body Parts!

Picture of Making the Body Parts!

Using the pieces from step 7- connect them together

Step 10: Final Attachments

Picture of Final Attachments

Place head of body by connecting 3 white sticks on the head to the 3 yellow 180 degree connectors on the body and Place one yellow stick on the back of the body on the 180 degree connector as a tail

Step 11: Voilà!

Picture of Voilà!

Charlie has been created! He is the strongest K'nex cat ever made. He is so versatile that he can do anything you want him to!


sandroknexmaster (author)2015-12-21


Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-12-17

Cool cat :)

nicolevandale14 (author)2015-12-17

Penelope the Giraffe is actually the greatest

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-17

Nice design.

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