This is an instruction manual on how to build Charlie The Cat out of K'nex. This project was brought to you by Megan Gage, Liv Mack, and Harrison Maki. #Wachumakers #Charliethecat

Step 1: Body Materials

(8) yellow sticks

(7) 180 degree connectors

(1) blue stick

Step 2: Head Materials

(12) yellow sticks

(2) blue sticks

(5) white sticks

(9) 180 degree connectors

(2) white 360 degree connectors

(2) purple 180 degree connectors

(1) blue triangle connector

Step 3: Octagon

Make a octagon using 6 yellow 180 degree connectors and 8 yellow sticks and 2 white 360 degree connectors

Step 4: Eyes and Ears

~Place 2 blue sticks into 2 parallel yellow 180 degree connectors and place 2 purple 180 degree connectors on the end

~Make ears by crossing two yellow stick at the top of the head

Step 5: The Mouth

Separately- take the blue triangular connector and place 2 yellow 180 degree connectors where he's pointing then place another yellow 180 degree connector, flat side down, on the top of the triangle

Step 6: Attaching the Mouth

Detach the bottom yellow stick on the face and slide the top triangle connector into it. Then attach rest of triangle to face using 2 white stick

~Note: The ears should be where they are supposed to.

Step 7: Making the Neck

Attach 3 white sticks to the bottom 3 connectors

Step 8: Body Part!

Separately- Take 3 yellow sticks and make part of a square using the 180 degree connectors and place one connector in the center - stick up. Repeat step so you have 2. Then take 1 yellow sticks and 1 blue stick and connect them using a 180 degree connectors

Step 9: Making the Body Parts!

Using the pieces from step 7- connect them together

Step 10: Final Attachments

Place head of body by connecting 3 white sticks on the head to the 3 yellow 180 degree connectors on the body and Place one yellow stick on the back of the body on the 180 degree connector as a tail

Step 11: Voilà!

Charlie has been created! He is the strongest K'nex cat ever made. He is so versatile that he can do anything you want him to!

Cool cat :)
<p>Penelope the Giraffe is actually the greatest</p>
<p>Nice design.</p>

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