Not to be outdone by those pesky neighbors that like to spend big bucks at their local big box store we decided to one up them.  Some angle iron, bolts, nuts (we are kinda nutty) and a little paper mache for the body and a couple cans of black spray paint and we now have the biggest, baddest spider in town.

18 pieces angle iron, - 2 for each leg and 2 for the body
1 bolt and 1 bolt for each joint (about 20 each) 1/4" bolts 1/2" long
1 super big bowl as a form for the paper mache body
2 cans black spray paint.

I don't have a picture for the paper mache body (I got all excited and forgot to take one)  I would start with this because it will take a day or two for it to dry.  I ended up putting mine in the oven on 170 degrees on day two for about an hour to help the drying along.

Step 1: The Tools

Drill Press
Hack Saw
Plus a couple wrenches (not shown) to tighten up the bolts
Glad you like it. There are plans to add some special features to this for next year. :-) <br>
Wow, well done

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