8 inputs, 2 relay outputs

Step 1: Making CharlottePi, an 8 Input/2 Output Pi I/O AND Power Supply!

This board is intended to be an IoI input/output device, to be mounted directly onto a dedicated Pi Zero or any Pi device.

It reports changes to a server every second.

Relays can be controlled via WiFi using Pi Relay PRO

<p>Well, I eliminated the Pi Zero, in favor of the Esp12-e because of the price. The Zero requires a Wifi dongle, microUSB adapter, SD memory and a fairly clean power supply. The ESP12-e has WiFi integrated, internal memory- and it only cost $2.10 per unit. I renamed the Charlotte- now, it's &quot;Charlette&quot;. 2 Form C relays, (8) 0-3.3Vdc analog inputs, switching regulator (those linear regulators ran too hot). I suppose I should post another project. I love designing and making these PC boards! </p>
<p>Cool project. Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>-and of course I'm updating the piwifio.com/charlotteweb.html all the time, particularly the .pcb file. Making it better all the time! ;)</p><p>Latest upgrade: Using LM-SR5 voltage regulator. It's a 5Vdc @ 1.5A SWITCHING regulator. Input voltage is now safely +7.5Vdc to +24Vdc! Awesome!</p>
<p>Mounted inside a standard electrical single-gang (deep) plastic blue box. I haven't engineered the case yet, but it will be just about the dimentions shown, perhaps a bit thinner in production because of the GPIO connector trhickness.</p>

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