Picture of Charming LED Flowers
Oh! Lovely!

Ain't that the thought that pops up in your head at a glimpse of those mystical flowers?
Want to have them too?
Stay with me and learn how to make them. Neat and nice.

Step 1: Get the parts!

Picture of Get the parts!
Here's what you'll need-
1>Dozens of LEDs! Blue, Reds, Greens, White. More colours the better!
2>12V transformer. I used from an old torch. I added extra smoothening Capacitor too. You will also need Diodes if you don't have a bridge rectifier already.
3> Tools! Wire strippers, Pliers, sticky tape, scissors etc.
5>Fake flowers
6>Cutesy flower pot.
7>Few minutes.
Wow! it looks magical!