I've searched and searched, but no where could I find instructions on how to make a nice, high quality, amateur throwing star. In this instructable, I will guide you through the process of making a steel shuriken for under 10$ (if you already have the tools).

DISCLAIMER: This is a WEAPON and is not for just throwing around at people, pets etc. It can SERIOUSLY injure or even KILL somebody. The blades are extremely SHARP. I am not responsible for anything that you do with this. If you are foolish enough to throw it at a person or a pet then just stop reading now.
Have fun and BE SAFE!!

Step 1: Getting the stuff

A minimum of what you need:
-A metal plate of some sort, relatively thick. It should be no larger than 5 inches or you will waste a lot of material. I used a galvanized steel electrical box cover I got from home depot for about $0.60. This works VERY well.
-An angle tool, or something that can measure and draw straight lines exactly perpendicular to the sides of the plate
-A pencil
-A jigsaw OR:
-A hacksaw with steel cutting blades (much slower and harder)
-If a jigsaw, high speed steel cutting blades. A pack of 3 cost me about 5 bucks.
-A bench grinder or equivalent (steel belt grinder, dremel, etc)
-3/8" steel drill bit. Mine was a zirconium coated bit from a big set my dad got. You could also buy a cobalt bit, but a 3/8" one would run you about $10. Ouch
-A drill that can run at least 800 RPM, hopefully with a lot of torque
-Metal file
-240 grit metal sanding sand paper (needed to make the pencil marks show up on the plate)

-A drill press (I didn't have one so I was just careful. It isn't vital for the holes to be that precise)
-Some silicon carbide metal sandpaper (60, 120, 240, and if you want it really smooth, 400 and/or even 600 grit paper. Whatever you want to do.
It's pretty illogical to apply any sort of deadly chemical to a throwing star... Needles, however would work great with some sort of tranquilizer composition, whatever that's called. No need for deadly poison, seeing as how putting a target to sleep would work best in self defence
I like this. I really like this. Do you know how to make poison? that would be cool to use on shurikans, kunai knives, and blow gun darts. I still can't find how to make poison anywhere...
easy posion would be apple seeds posionus but you need to get throught the tough outside and i dont know how potent it is but its a posion.
<p>I eat apple seeds all the time and I feel fine.</p>
<p>I've eaten apple seeds before while eating apples. I didn't die or feel any discomfort aside from messing up the consistency of the apples for a few bites.</p>
<p>For a blowgun, use tranquilizer darts, load them with mercury, capsaicinoids, nitric acid, rubbing alcohol, nicotine or any other easy to obtain or make poison or irritant. I'd advise you to not put any poison on your blades, especially a shuriken because that's an easy way to get yourself seriously injured or killed.</p>
Seriously?? Poison isn't &quot;cool,&quot; it's not something you play around with, you need to seriously think about what it is you're doing.<br /> <br /> I really wish you people would quit these pointless, immature and irresponsible discussions on how to make poison to put on homemade weapons. You might as well be asking &quot;Hey, leik how do i make a nerve agent??&quot; or&nbsp; &quot;Do you kno where i can getz sum anthrax? It wud be kewl to have some lol&quot;<br /> It just seems like you people haven't used your brain to make the connection between POISON&nbsp;and DEATH, or what death is<br />
<p>Weapons are designed primarily to cause death. Certain poisons might enhance a weapon's ability to stun or keep the target down. I agree that poisons aren't something to play around with, but I also believe that poisons make for effective weapons.</p>
&nbsp;yeah, im with you man. &nbsp;guys, this isn't even something funny. &nbsp;these are actual weapons that could kill someone. &nbsp;you could literally cripple or kill someone by screwing around with these. &nbsp;as for poison, unless you have studied them extensively, and know precisely what you're doing, you could kill yourself, not whoever you're aiming for. &nbsp;a knife that is poisoned enough to kill someone you don't know the metabolism and other stuff could easily kill you from a scrape across the knuckles. don't mess around with poisons guys. play it smart.
I disagree entirely. People who ask these questions should be given the information they seek. In fact, there should be a detailed instructable on how to create the poison, including a step where they should taste it to make sure it's functional. We need to quit protecting the morons and allowing them to breed.
You think I am an irresponsible kid that doesn't understand how to handle weapons.<br /> This post is 2 years old. I'm pretty sure that I don't need poison anymore, and if I do, I already have some.<br /> I know many people on the internet seem stupid, but at least check their background before assuming people don't have any credibility.<br /> Well... I'm glad we got a few things cleared up.<br />
Sorry if it sounded like that last post was directed at you, it was more a generic message after countless email notifications of a new comment that 90% of the time were about making poison.<br /> I rarely see a comment about the actual instructable anymore; its always about making poison ;_; and it's spamming and cluttering the comments section. <br /> Also, i dont know how a 2 year old post appeared above the most recent comment...<br />
If someone replies to the comment, then it gets bumped up.<br /> No problem about the misunderstanding, happens to the best of us.<br /> You should just turn your email notifications off.<br />
Now now, Cowscankill, what would Mr. La'flesh think about you asking about poison?<br />
&nbsp;wow you should never compair an un-tracedle natural poison goten from a special seed to anthrax thats just wrong
but anyways i have a good poison mixture step 1: open up laundry cabinet, pull out every detergent, mix step 2: take every cologne or perfume you have, mix step 3: pee in the mixture step 4: pull out every insect killer, mix step 5: pull out every cleaning materials (windex, stuff like that) mix step 6: pull out just about every other liquid in your house, mix i think that would make deadly stuff.. but i havent tried it! lol
the bleach in the laundry detergent and the ammonia in your urine would make tear gas...... than it would kill you
I thought that bleach and ammonia mixed together created mustard gas?
mixing bleach and urine is very dangerous as is ammonia and bleach. I would only do this if you have a fan behind you and you are doing it outside. even then the chemical reactions are highly toxic. once my dad was cleaning a cat box with bleach. the second he poured some in there was a loud steaming sound and he couldn't breathe very well for about 4 minutes. even the rest of that day he felt wierd. I dont know what bleach and ammonia does but I know it is extremely toxic.
Ammonia and Bleach make Chlorine i think
no, it makes mustard gas.
It makes chlorine.&nbsp; Chlorine is a gas which was widely used in WWI, and not hugely effective, and causes respiratory damage.&nbsp; Mustard Gas was also used, but is more oily, and causes blistering of what it touches.<br />
i think i might have my periodic table wrong, ut isnt chlorine normally a metal?<br />
nope.&nbsp; chlorine is a gas at room temperature.&nbsp; but they do mix it with other things so that they can make chlorine tablets for pools and stuff.<br />
Its a halogen.<br />
chlorine is like a mustard gas...
mustard gas is basicaly chlorine gas with something else in it. and remember mustard gas doesnt affect zombies, save it for the commies :P
You're right. It makes pure chlorine. Anyway, chlorine is dangerous to your health and can cause some serious respiratory problems or even death.
I wouldn't doubt it. still chlorine is pretty deadly when pure
yeah it cant be too fun to breathe in. That was on an episode of House i think... The one about the Agoraphobic, he cleaned his tub with ammonia and bleach, and had chlorine poisoning.
lol, I just thought of an extremely funny way to die. take a chunk of raw sodium, ammonia, and bleach. pour the ammonia and bleach together in a bucket, then very quickly shove the raw sodium into the bucket you would explode and then be buried in salt forever
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lol how can i send it? i dont know how to upload a file on instructables. its word you see...
hey, can u send it via not microsoft word? like notepad or a pdf? i didnt buy any microsoft software when i bought my laptop...thx! i would really like to see what an anarchists cookbook looks like... jw...is it online?
no problem
THX! i rly appreciate it!
click reply, add images, upload the word file, cancel comment or finish comment. the file will be under and available for download.
what is this?
the anarchists cookbook, the bible for anarchists
most of those recipies will blow off your hand.<br/><br/>get this instead<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.crimethinc.com/books/rfd.html">http://www.crimethinc.com/books/rfd.html</a><br/>
yeah, if you dont use them right
no problemo
I like the part about making nicotine poison, which is what I have been looking for!! :D :D :D :D :D
no problemo, again.
i dont think we need a copy its all in ma head =P<br/>

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