Cheap & Easy Rat Toy & Treat!





Introduction: Cheap & Easy Rat Toy & Treat!

This is a great toy for rats that will amuse them, give them exercise, help them wear down their teeth, and feed them all at the same time. And it's easy and very cheap to make!

Step 1: Materials

The materials are simple:

-1 small cardboard tube, such as one from a toilet paper roll (I prefer the ones from fax paper rolls as they are good and thick

-nuts and/or dried fruit

-paper towel

Step 2: Making the Toy

Stuff a sheet of paper towel tightly into one end of the tube. You want to stuff it in pretty tightly, so it can't be pulled out too easily. Then on the open end, pour a small quantity of nuts and dried fruit. Then just stop up the other end of the tube with another sheet of paper towel, again fairly tightly.

Step 3: Give to Your Rats!

Put the tube in your rat's cage and watch them have fun! They will gnaw the tube and paper towel plugs to get at the treats within. The paper and cardboard are non-toxic and the rats can use the shreds as nesting material afterwards as well. It takes my rats about 5-10 minutes to access the treats. It encourages teamwork as well, as they will quickly discover that they can open the tube faster while working on it together than they can from repeatedly stealing it from each other. :) Enjoy!



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    those wood chips will give your guy a respiratory infection, tho

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    My rats' bedding is made of hemp, not wood. It contains no oils or chemicals that are harmful to rats, such as those in cedar or pine.

    That's a great alternative to commercially available beddings! However, careful with the quantity of paper towel/TP rolls you give your ratty. The glue isn't particularly good for them. Once in a while shouldn't be a problem, however.

    Been using this one for some time now - just wish there was a way to make the game last longer (my kids are crazy & will get the treats in normally LESS than 5 minutes...).

    But I wanted to leave a comment & suggest you pick up some cheap plastic placemats to floor the upper levels of your rat cage - the wire floor is hard on their feet & mine seem to really dig have a solid layer to sit on. The biggest benefit is, the plastic placemats are flexible - so you can remove them & wash them very easily AND they're easy to cut, so you can cut them to fit the small stairwell sections...

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    Glad your ratties are enjoying the treats! And thanks for the suggestion, that's a great idea! Will definitely be much easier to clean than scrubbing pee off the wires!


    Gosh, great idea for the rat! My Elmer loves it. Hey, I love the cage, too. What does the bottom sit in?

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    Thanks! I ordered the cage from Martin's Cages. Google them and you should find their site. They are cheaper than most cages because you assemble it yourself. They're designed just for rats. The bottom is a thick plastic container, similar to a cat litter pan. I've had the cage for 5 years and it's in great shape still.

    Martin's cages are great -- cheap, durable, attractive, well ventilated, and easy to clean. Also, if you pay attention to their footprint dimensions, you can bash them together to expand your current setup.

    I'd definitely recommend their hamster cages for hamsters that have gotten too big for Habitrail tubes.

    My hamster is the size of a cat =(
    It raped my sister

    Yeah, that'll happen.

    i tried a smaller variation of this for our gerbils and they loved it!

    This toy would be suitable for hamsters as well! :)

    i'm gonna try that for the rats of my sister i think they will love it!!!

    very cool; i'll try this. my rats will love it i bet all 120 of them.

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    lol... not to be meen... but i saw you post a comment on another instructable that you have 46 rats...

    yes, but i've gotten more and some have been bought i'm a breeder for rats so i have more then less i have 178 now